Tax Collector


March 19, 2020

Dear Willington Residents:

Although the Town Office Building is closed, please know that we are here in the office to assist you with any tax questions you may have by phone and email.

If you have payments due, please pay online by going to the Willington website, and clicking on “Online Tax Payments”. Enter your last name, first initial and your bills will populate. Click on the green cart next to the bill and complete payment.

Alternatively, you may mail a check to the office or use our drop box located outside the front entrance.  This box is checked every morning and payments are processed once received.  If cash is your form of payment, please call the office at 860 487-3111 prior to coming in. For your safety, as well as ours, these transactions will be done on a case by case basis.

Thanks so much for your understanding.

Janice Clauson
Revenue Collector860-487-3111  



How can I pay My Bill?

The Revenue Office accepts cash, money orders or personal checks for payment at the office.  If our office is closed, you can leave a check in our Drop Box outside the front door of the building.  Our mailing address is 40 Old Farms Rd, Willington CT 06279 if you want to mail in a payment.  Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would a receipt mailed back to you.  You may also pay on line at and click on the left side bar that says “Online Tax Payments”.  There is a convenience fee of 2.95% for credit cards and $1.95 for EFT.  You can call 844-859-7566 to pay by phone, but an additional fee of .75 cents will be added above the credit card convenience fee.  We do have a public access computer at Town Hall which will allow you to make a credit card payment on line.


When is my Payment Due?  When is it considered Late?

Payments due January 1, 2020 must be received, or postmarked, no later than Monday February 3, 2019 to avoid an interest penalty.

Interest is charged at a rate of 1 ½% per month from the due date, with a minimum interest charge of $2.00.  Per §12-146, Interest cannot be waived.


Why did I get a motor vehicle tax bill in December?

This is your motor vehicle supplemental bill.  This bill was generated because you were issued a new motor vehicle registration, or have transferred an existing registration, at some time after Oct. 1, 2018, but before Sept. 30, 2019.  You are being billed only for the number of months from your registration date until the end of the assessment year.


What if I haven’t paid my July bill?

The Tax Collector may (included, but not limited to):

  • Serve an Alias Tax Warrant through a Marshall
  • Send to a Collection Agency that records the delinquency to the Credit Agencies
  • Levy your taxable goods or chattels
  • Enforce by levy and sell their real estate through either a Tax Sale or Sale of Lien
  • Garnish Wages
  • Bank execution – take the money from your bank account


What is the criteria for Tax Sale or Lien Assignment?

For a residential property, if you owe more than $3,000 or are more than two years in arrears, you will be identified for a tax sale / lien assignment.  If the property is abandoned or has no residential dwelling, and you are over one year in arrears, you will be identified for a tax sale/ lien assignment.  Commercial properties over one year in arrears will be identified for a tax sale/ lien assignment.

*A payment plan does not exempt you from a tax sale / lien assignment.*

Please note, the Tax Office will work with you on getting your debt current.