Historic District Commission

The Willington Historic District Commission was created in 1981 as part of the creation of the Willington Commons Historic District to make legally binding decisions that ensure that architectural changes in a local historic district are made with respect and consideration for the historic character of the property and the community as a whole.

Historic districts impact the economic welfare of the community by providing stability, well-maintained infrastructure and enhanced property values, as well as increased tourism. Historic districts like ours also benefit the community and its environment by preserving landmark buildings that are part of sustainable growth. The distinct historical period that the buildings on the Willington Commons represent are 1740 - 1850 era. In general, the Willington Commons Historic District provides a haven for the preservation of 14 historic structures that are the center for town activities.

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MemberPositionTerm of Office
William Bailey

10/27/15 - 1/1/20

MaryBeth Caron

1/1/16 - 1/1/21

Rosa Chinchilla


10/27/15 - 1/1/20

Laurie Masciandaro

1/1/14 - 1/1/19

Robert Shabot

1/1/13 - 1/1/18


AlternatesPositionTerm of Office
Timothy Blauvert


1/1/16 - 1/1/21

Geoffrey Ecker


9/8/15 - 1/1/18

Richard Mueller


6/2/14 - 1/1/17