Public Works

During the winter months, Daleville Road through the State Forest, will not be receiving winter service.

Public Works Safety Poem

Author unknown  

We keep it safe to travel from home to work each day.
Although some storms are difficult, our ethics never sway

We really do get weary, as we work all through the
.  But safety is our goal, and we strive to do it right.

We strive to do the very best, our budget will allow.
We try to keep the public safe. As we drive around and plow.

We are the men and women that you think get in your way.
As we do our tasks we’re given, too bad you think of us that way.

We always do our best. We just wish you would admire.
The long hours that go into it and the wrath we acquire.

We are safety-minded. Always on alert.
We try hard to be careful, so no one will get hurt.

We always wear our hard hats, our gloves and ear gear too.  
We even have the latest, in fashionable steel toed shoes. 
So please let it be known, that no matter where you be.
Come snow or high water, it’s Public Works you’ll see.


Troy Sposato

Public Works Director

Jayson Righenzi

Administrative Assistant