Parks and Recreation Commission

Mission Statement

In an ongoing effort to provide the citizens of Willington with programs and facilities for everyone’s recreational needs, the Willington Parks and Recreation Department will always commit its resources to expand and adapt to those needs.

The Willington Parks and Recreation Department in association with the Public Works Department and outside contractors will maintain the playing fields at Hall School and Center School, the River Road Athletic Complex, and the Town Hall Offices.

By offering a diverse group of recreational programs with the equipment and facilities to safely and properly implement these programs, we hope to get our community to “come out and play”. Good health, social interaction, and promoting learning of new physical and mental skills are available to everyone who wants to participate.

“The first wealth is health.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Parks and Recreation Commission Members

Joe Colangelo



Mike Pinatti


Mike Iacampo

12/15/17 - 12/14/20

Ed Taiman

12/15/17 - 12/14/20

Bill Bilyak

12/15/17 - 12/14/20

Rocco Petrella

6/7/17 - 12/14/19

Katherine St. Germain