For Sale

The following is a list of publications available, for sale, at the Willington Historical Society and/or the Town Clerk's Office in the Town Office Building.

Index of Publications:

Modernization in a New England Town:
A History of Willington, Connecticut written by Ronald Demers, 1983.

Recollections of John Merrick:
A Native of Willington 1833-1865 - Edited and compiled by Isabel B. Weigold - 1978.

A Glimpse of Willington’s Past:
By Isabel B. Weigold and Illustrated by Marion Doran - 1991.

Chronology of Willington, CT - 1727 -1927:
The First Two Hundred Years - 1977.

Headstone Inscriptions:
Town of Willington, CT 1934 - revised as of 2002 - includes corrections of errors found in the first edition.

Celebrating 100 years:
A History of the Willington Cemetery Association, Inc. 1899 by Isabel B. Weigold, 2000.