MidNEROC Waste Facility News

The MidNEROC HHW facility is planning on opening July 18 from 9-2. The following will be new temporary procedures that you should post on your website, or however you are planning on notifying your residents.

1. Only one person is to be in the car.

2. They MUST wear a mask.

3. They MUST stay in the car with their windows up. They should hold their license up to the window. ( The license must reflect a member town. )

4. All waste MUST be in the trunk or rear compartment of the vehicle (NONE in passenger area). Your truck, hatch or tailgate should be unlocked or open.

5. No containers will be returned.

6. No aerosol paint or empty aerosol containers will be accepted.  (pesticide aerosols will be accepted).

7. No oil or antifreeze will be accepted (take these to your transfer station). Tolland residents should take these to Bill's Automotive.

8. Fluorescent light bulbs and household rechargeable batteries should go to your transfer station if they accept them.

9. All materials should be in their original containers or clearly marked.

SCHEDULE FOR 2020 MIDNEROC HHW SEASON, 9am-2pm on the following dates:

July 18

August 1 & 15


October 3 & 17

November 7

MidNEROC management will be available on open Saturdays from 8am-2pm at 860-965-1910 to answer any questions.