The Town of Willington is scheduled to begin a Revaluation of real estate to be effective October 1, 2018.  In coming weeks, mailers will be sent to all property owners within the municipal limits(UPDATE 4/2/2018: MAILERS HAVE BEEN SENT); inspections are expected to begin during the Spring 2018.  The information below should assist with preparing for the process. 

WHAT IS A REVALUATION? Revaluation is the process of estimating new real estate values, based on specific rules and current data. This requires revaluing all properties at the same point in time to provide uniformity in property assessments and to ensure that all property owners are paying only their fair share of the cost of community services.  State statute requires that properties are assessed at 70% of their current fair market value as of the date of the revaluation.

Revaluation is NOT intended to raise revenues.

 WHY IS A REVALUATION NEEDED? The State of Connecticut, under provisions of Section 12-62 of the CT General Statutes, requires a revaluation of all real estate at least once every five years. It is an unfunded State mandate. Willington completed revaluations in 2008 and 2013.

WHAT IS FAIR MARKET VALUE? Section 12-63 of the CT General Statutes requires properties reflect their fair market value, and NOT the value at a forced or auction sale. Fair market value is a standard defined by the courts as the price established between a willing buyer and willing seller, taking into consideration all the uses to which the property is adapted. 

 HOW DOES THE NEW ASSESSMENT AFFECT MY TAX BILL? The revaluation project sets new values (not taxes) for the real estate portion of the 2018 Grand List.  When values are finalized in April 2019, your elected officials will have the Grand List information needed to establish mill rates. Tax bills reflecting the 2018 assessments will be issued on July 1, 2019.

WHO WILL CONDUCT THIS REVALUATION? The Town contracted services with the professional real estate valuation company, Vision Government Solutions, Inc.



Staffing Availability - Assessor’s Office

Due to the nature of the Assessor’s work, it is always best to call ahead to be sure someone is available. The office is still open to the public. There is a public use computer for property record cards and maps, as well as program applications and information available in an organized and labeled filebox outside the Assessor’s Office. This information is intended to assist you in planning accordingly. Should you have any additional questions, please email the Assistant Assessor at Calls and emails will be returned as soon as possible.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Richard Kryzak Assessor
Rachel L. Pierce Assistant Assessor