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Willington, Connecticut
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Section 9 - Public Hearings

9.1     The Agency shall not hold a public hearing on an application unless the Agency determines that the proposed activity may have a significant impact on wetlands or watercourses or a petition signed by at least twenty-five persons requesting a hearing is filed with the Agency not later than fifteen days after the date of receipt of such application or the Agency finds that a public hearing regarding such application would be in the public interest.  The Agency may issue a permit without a public hearing provided no petition provided for in this Section is filed with the agency not later than fifteen days after the date of receipt of the application.  Such hearing shall be held no later than sixty-five days after the receipt of such application.  All applications and maps and documents relating thereto shall be open for public inspection.  Any person may appear and be heard at any such public hearing.

9.2     Notice of the hearing shall be published at least twice in intervals of not less
        than two (2) days, the first not more than fifteen (15 ) days and not fewer than        ten (10) days, and the last not less than two (2) days before the date set for  the hearing in a newspaper having a general circulation in the Town.

9.3     Notice of the public hearing shall be mailed no less than twenty (20) days
        prior to the date of the hearing to the owner(s) ~of record of abutting land and                all parties of record. Responsibility for furnishing the correct names and              addresses of abutting landowners rests entirely with the applicant.  Notices            returned to the Agency by the Post Office will signify an incomplete            application, and the application may be denied as in Section 7.10.

9.4     If a public hearing is held on any application, the Agency shall base its
        decision on the hearing record and any other material not included in the       
        hearing record shall not be considered by the Agency in its decision.

9.5     In the case of any application, which is subject to the notification provisions of Subsection 8.3 of these regulations, a public hearing shall not be conducted until the clerk of the adjoining municipality (ies) has received notice of the pendency of the application.  Proof of such notification shall be entered into the hearing record.