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Willington, Connecticut
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Section 3 - Inventory of Regulated Areas

3.1~    The map of regulated areas entitled "Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Map, Town         of Willington, Connecticut" delineates the general location and boundaries of inland    wetlands and the general location of watercourses.  Copies of this map are available for inspection at the office of the Town Clerk or the Inland Wetlands Agency.

                                In all cases, the precise location of regulated areas shall be determined by the
actual character of the land, the distribution of wetland soil types and location of
watercourses.  The Agency may use aerial photography, remote sensing imagery, resource mapping, soils maps, site inspection observations or other
                information in determining the location of the boundaries of wetlands and watercourses.

3.2             Any owner, who disputes the designation of any part of his or her land as a regulated area on the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Map, may petition the Agency to change the designation in accordance with Section 15 of these regulations.  All petitions for a map change shall be submitted in writing and shall include all relevant facts and circumstances that support the change.  The petitioner shall provide proof that the designation is inapplicable.  The Agency may require such an owner to provide an accurate delineation of regulated areas in accordance with Section 15 of these regulations.

3.3             The~Agency~or its designated~agent(s) shall inventory and maintain current                              records of all~regulated areas within the town.  The Agency may amend its map
                        from time to~time as information~becomes available relative~to~more accurate                            delineation ~of wetlands and watercourses within the town. ~ Such map                           amendments are subject to the public hearing process outlined in Section 9 of                           these regulations.